Our Process

Step 1 –  For reglazing bathtubs the first step is to clean the bathtub with our tile and tub cleaner that is a strong product that removes soap, scum dirt, and leaves bathtub 100 % clean without burning the tub’s finish.

Step 2  – If tub has been reglazed, we apply a coat of paint stripper to strip off old paint from bathtub.

Step 3 –  After sanding tub down to a smooth finish, we start preperation work by covering the floor, wall tiles and sink toliet bowl. We use masking paper to cover the tile walls around the tub and the whole floor area, and the floor outside the bathroom usually for up to 5 feet from the bathroom entrance .

Step 4 – After removing all dirt from tub we wipe it down with acetone, to provide a 100 % clean dry surface, before we prime the bathtub.

Step 5 – We apply the primer by spraying it onto the bathtub; then we use a heat guy to bake the primer onto the bathtub.

Step 6 – We apply the top coat  of glaze to the bathtub, spraying through a paint gun to provide a smooth and professional finish. We apply 3 top coats of glaze to the bathtub for a proper and long lasting finish.

Step 7 – Let the tub dry thoroughly for 24 hrs to insure a proper finish.